Global Conference on Art, Education and Humanities
The 2024 Global Conference on Art, Education and Humanities will be heldin Kyoto, Japan from March 27-29, 2024. The theme of this conference is"Creative Industries and Social Development" The conference aims to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue and knowledge exchange on the impact and potential of creative industries on social and economic development, cultural diversity, innovation, and sustainability.
Through keynote speeches and paper presentations, we will examine the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the creative industries, as well as discuss strategies for fostering the growth and resilience of this sector. Join us in this exciting exploration of the role of creative industries in shaping our societies and envisioning our futures. If you have inquiry, please contact us by sicase@sicase.org
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Special Session "Creative Industries and Social Development"
1.Trends and models of creative industry development: explore the current global trends and models of creative industry development, including emerging industries, transformation and innovation.
2.Creative industries and urban development: discuss the contribution of creative industries to urban economic and social development, including the role of creative industries in urban industrial restructuring and upgrading, and the enhancement of urban culture and image.
3.Creative industries and technological innovation: explore the interaction and integration between creative industries and technological innovation, including the application and impact of new technologies such as digital technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality in creative industries.
4.Creative industries and cultural diversity: discuss the relationship between creative industries and cultural diversity, including how to protect and develop local cultures and promote cross-cultural exchange and respect for cultural diversity.
5.Talent cultivation and international cooperation in creative industries: discuss how to cultivate talent in creative industries, promote international cooperation and academic exchange, and advance the sustainable development of creative industries.
6.Creative industries and social values: explore the social value and contribution of creative industries, including the role of creative industries in enhancing social and cultural levels, promoting social progress and harmony.
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