Welcome Socializing Event: Gala Dinner

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Thank you for join the conference. We hope all delegates will fully enjoy the conference in both if its academic and social aspects, thus sincerely welcoming you to join the Gala Dinner (Korean set-menu meal).

The 63 Building will provide incredible night views and amazing artworks to you. After the meal, we will visit Nanta show, one of the best known and longest-running performances in Seoul, has its 20-year-old birthday this year, will definitely attract your attention. Looking forward to meeting you in Seoul!

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

15:00 gathering at Courtyard Marriott Seoul Times Square, 4th floor

  63 Observatory

  Gala Dinner (Korean set-menu dinner) *We provide ovo-lacto vegetarian meal. Please contact the secretariat if you need.

  Nanta (20:00 Nanta Performance)

 22:00 Hotel send off

*The schedule may change due to unpredictable factors such as traffic and weather.



Delegates: 50 USD / person

Accompanying Friends & Family: 130 USD / person

*If you would like to join the event, please login to your member account and click "Registration and Payment" to complete the purchasing process before March 20, 2019

  Registration steps

  1. Log in Member Center and click "Registration and Payment".
  2. Click registration, and then click "Next".
  3. Add "Welcome Socializing Tour" (Select options from''Delegates'', ''Accomanying friend& family'' ) ".
  4. Click "Next" to complete the purchasing process.

Important Information

  1. Due to the limited seats, please reserve and pay in advance.
  2. We recommend wearing the comfortable clothes or business casual.
  3. The conference has the right to adjust the itinerary and schedule due to weather, traffic, and irresistible reasons..
  4. Participants should follow the tour guide’s instructions. The tour guide and the conference are not responsible for participants’ leave without notice and personal activities. The tour bus won’t wait for any personal excuse.
  5. The conference does not accept any on-site change. Please make reservation in advance.

 Refund & Cancelation Policy

  1. If the minimum number (20 people) is not met, the conference holds the right to cancel the tour and will refund the tour fee in full to you though PayPal. 
  2. If participants cancel the tour for personal reasons, the cancelation charge will be applied as follows. It is unable to get fully refund for personal reason cancelation.

   Thank you for your cooperation and your understanding will be appreciated.

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